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Author Dauntless
#1 | Posted: 21 May 2024 13:40 
"First they came for the journalists. We don't know what happened after that"

This is a quote from a Philippine newspaper that journalist Maria Ressa says is inspired by Martin Niemöller's poem "First They Came".

Author A_Dent
#2 | Posted: 21 May 2024 14:04 
Ha! Yes, indeed.

Unfortunately for us all, they came for the journalists long ago, but they did not cart them off to camps or even kill them (most of them, at least). They assimilated them. They assimilated them with such ruthless efficiency that scarcely any of us noticed it. The Progressives «progressed», gradually taking control of the institutions in our society that control the dissemination of information — education, entertainment, and the Press, so that they may now decide what things have happened and what things did not.

As a society, we definitely do not know «what happened after that.» We only know what they tell us.

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