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Author Scoop140
#1 | Posted: 21 May 2024 13:08 
In his book, «An Evaluation of Claims to the Charismatic Gifts,» Douglas Judisch explains that Investigations into and evaluations of modern claims of manifestations of charismatic gifts are available from many sources. Judisch says that examples of modern tongue-speaking have been evaluated by psychologists and linguists for decades and most have not been shown to be genuine languages unknown to the speaker. John MacArthur makes similar observations in his book, «Strange Fire.» Instances of genuine tongue-speaking have occurred, as recorded in several well-documented cases of demonic possession. These examples, however, must be attributed to diabolical sources rather than to the Holy Spirit. Biblical tongue-speaking is something much different than what charismatic Christians today call speaking in tongues. According to scripture, speaking in tongues is simply speaking words in a language unknown to the speaker. It is in this way that speaking in tongues is related to prophecy: the speaker is speaking words given to him by God the Holy Spirit. Prophecy, as it is commonly thought of, is different only in that the speaker is speaking in his own native or learned language.

Theology An Astounding miniBB-based Forum / Theology /

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