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Philosophy vs. Theology

Author Scoop140
#1 | Posted: 21 May 2024 17:27 
I remember thinking, while learning about Western civilization in "World Civ" at MSU that every philosophical system seemed absolutely correct, until we learned about the *next* system. Then, *that* one sounded absolutely correct. They were all treated like a joke

Then we read portions of the Bible. The ones that stuck out to me were sections of Job, and most of the Sermon on the Mount. I argued and argued with that professor, who thought I was a complete loon, because I didn't understand that the Bible was simply a piece of literature. That professor did not believe that scripture was the word of God. Yet, he agreed with the curriculum that it was important to Western civilization that it be taught. And it was taught, just like any other man-made philosophy.

So I'm suspicious when I see colleges teaching the Bible. Hillsdale is offering free courses for people to do online. Among them are courses on the Bible. I don't want to slander Hillsdale; I generally have a positive impression of them. But I worry (as someone who is just reacting to a radio commercial and HAS NOT taken any of their classes) that such classes will approach the Bible as human literature in which God's truth may be found, rather than God's divinely inspired and inerrant word.

Of course, I wouldn't expect professors at such an institution to approach it from the negative. I imagine that they will champion the Bible; that they will talk about its importance in establishing moral foundations, for teaching us how to live, in the development of Western thought and culture. More importantly, I expect that they will focus on how it forms the philosophical foundations of the Constitution and American Christian society, something with which I do not agree.

Perhaps I'll sign up for one and see what it's all about. ###

Politics and Philosophy An Astounding miniBB-based Forum / Politics and Philosophy /
 Philosophy vs. Theology

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