Berlin McDonald's

Summer, 1998

Casey MacGregor, Ryan Rue, The Future Mrs. The Hodgkins Lutheran, and Patrick
Kaufman eat lunch at the only place Mrs. THL would patronize while on a Choir trip in 1998.

L to R: Casey MacGregor, Ryan Rue, (The Future) Mrs. The Hodgkins Lutheran, and Patrick Kaufman.

In the summer of 1998, the Murray State University Concert Choir went on a two-week tour of Germany, Austria, The Czech Republic (now Czechia), and Hungary. The Hodgkins Lutheran was in the choir, along with his future bride, Mrs. The Hodgkins Lutheran. But she was a picky eater. No bier und blutwurst for her. No wurst of any kind. The only place she would eat without a fight was...McDonald's. We might have found a McDonald's in every city we visited (with the exception of Budapest, where we were forced to settle for a Burger King). The tour guide in Dresden derisively call McDonald's the American Embassy.

She has broadened her gastronomic horizons considerably since then, though we still enjoy the occasional 10 piece Chicken McNugget Meal.

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