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The BBS is, for the time being, no more. However, on this website, you will find links to various articles of interest, as well as other resources that would otherwise have been hosted on the bulletin board. If you have questions, comments, concerns, complaints, etc., you may reach the Sysop at

The Hodgkins Lutheran Bulletin Board

Messages from the Sysop

2024-05-21 1550 hours:

As you can probably see, I have added a link to the bulletin board at the top of the page. - THL ### 

2024-05-20 1149 hours:

So...forget all that other stuff about the bulletin board. As much as I like retro-computing, I have decided to take it offline. Namecheap offers free software plug-ins, and they have several neat options for bulletin boards and forums. I have chosen "miniBB" to start with. That's where the board is going to be. So go there and post things. The link is also at the bottom of the page. - THL ###

2024-05-20 2217 hours:

The first night of the bulletin board seems to have been successful. Here's hoping that 1) I can maintain, against all previous evidence to the contrary, a schedule, and 2) people post. - THL ###

2024-05-20 1716 hours:

The bulletin board is "up" (sort of). Just scroll to the bottom of the page, and you'll see what I mean. - THL ###

2024-05-20 1404 hours:

The site has a new domain name and web server. It is now "" and is hosted by Namecheap. I decided that this would be the best option if I wanted to host a bulletin board, which is still in the works. - THL ###

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An Argument from Scripture for the Cessation of the Prophetic Gifts

Baptismal Regeneration: A False Gospel?

Berlin McDonald's

Godless: Thoughts on the Spirituality of American Society

A Meditation on Sin, Guilt, and Salvation

Kyrie (an original poem) (My personal favorite is "Ode to My Cat on His First Birthday.")

Rocky Places: Thoughts on Election and Falling Away

Thoughts on Abortion, Life, and Intrinsic Human Value

Thoughts on Apostasy and Falling Away

What do you say Scripture is?

You are Right in Saying I Am a King

Text Files

Notes on "An Evaluation of Claims to the Charismatic Gifts"
by Douglas Judisch


THL Slipbox Database Entry Reports


Smart Notes (Ahrens, Sonke)

Icon of the crucifixion.


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Klotz, Joseph. Evangelical Lutheran Prayer Book - 2022. 1st ed. Hodgkins, Illinois, USA: The Hodgkins Lutheran, 2022.

Lutheran Preaching: Proclaimation, not Communication, by Robert W. Schaibley

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